Want to know the WIFI password for the Brasil World Cup security center?

World Cup WiFi Password

By William Knowles @c4i
Senior Editor
InfoSec News
June 24, 2014

(Updated – June 29, 2014)  The password and WiFi SSID for the World Cup’s security center were exposed after a photograph appeared n the online version of Correio Braziliense.

Luiz Cravo Dorea, head of international cooperation at the Federal Police is standing in the main security center, behind him in the lower corner of the video monitors is the SSID of WORLDCUP and the password: b5a2112014

In previous InfoSec News articles, we misidentified the RISCO Group managing the security where this photo was taken, we apologize for this error. Not surprisingly, the company that was managing the security for the command center where this photo was taken hasn’t requested their information be updated.    

This isn’t the first time a SSID and password have been disclosed, in the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII, The CBS Morning News publicized the WiFi code for the “secret, first of its kind command center” near East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Hat tip to: Augusto Barros