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InfoSec News is a privately run, medium traffic list that caters to the distribution of information security news articles. These articles come from such sources as newspapers, magazines and online resources. The e-mail subject line always contains the title of the article to allow readers to review articles quickly and efficiently.

The list includes:

  • Articles covering topics such as security, hacking, firewalls, cryptography, encryption, forensics, critical infrastructure protection, products, public hacks, hoaxes, public policy, and legislation affecting these topics
  • Information on where you can obtain articles in current magazines
  • Security mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital news.
  • New security product information
  • Security book reviews and information
  • Security conference/seminar information
  • And anything else that comes to mind…

We encourage feedback. The list maintainers like to hear what you think of the list. Let us know what we could improve and which parts are “right on.” We also encourage subscribers to submit articles or URLs. If you submit an article, please send either the URL or follow this style guide. We also encourage subscribers to provide feedback on articles or stories that are posted to the list. Anonymous feedback is always welcome. Anonymous attacks are not.

Please DO NOT:

  • Subscribe vanity mail forwards to the list
  • Subscribe from ‘free’ e-mail addresses (Juno, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Enable vacation messages while subscribed to e-mail lists
  • Subscribe from any account with a small disk quota

All of the above examples generate messages to the list owner and make tracking down dead accounts very difficult. The list owner currently receives more than 100 returned mails each day. Violation of any of the above limits shall serve as grounds for being unsubscribed. You are welcome to resubscribe when you address the issue(s).

The InfoSec News membership list is NOT available for sale or disclosure. InfoSec News is a nonprofit list. Donations, sponsors and advertisers cover bandwidth and server costs.

William Knowles wk (at) infosecnews (dot) org serves as the editor and moderator for InfoSec News. InfoSec News is a private list. Moderation of topics, member subscription and everything else about the list remains solely his discretion.

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their continued contributions: Brian Martin, Christian Wright, Darren Reed, Emerson Tan, Eric Wolbrom, Felix von Leitner, Greg MacPherson, Jay Dyson, Justin Lundy, Marjorie Simmons, Matthew Patton, Nicholas Brawn, Richard Forno, Robert G. Ferrell, Robert Slade, and

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